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WYR23705 Malifaux: Ten Thunders Archers

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From the Malifaux Tactica Wiki:

A long ranged minion that can hit hard from a distance at a medium cost. This minion can be hired by any Ten Thunders Crew. This Minion is best used away from the main fighting. It has some very good tricks to get shots in but only has bash in melee. It has a couple of good zero point actions to bolster its attacks and also a 1 point action called Take Aim. This is a (1) action focus strike giving you a positive flip on your shot but can only be used once per activation.

The best thing about this model is that its ranged attacks are usually further than an opposing minions range. This enables you to move it in to place to cover your melee fighters. Remember to use the Threading the Needle ability by moving it with something like a Torokage as it can effectively shoot through the model to the enemy. Remeber the Take Aim will usually be your first shot and then decide whether you need to use Reading the Wind if you have low cards in your hand or if the model you are shooting at is in cover or the Spell Yajiri with the second attack to bolster its damage or cause non living models to slow down.

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