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Minecraft: Portal Dash

Minecraft: Portal Dash

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Can you escape from the Nether?

In this cooperative Minecraft board game, you must prove your mettle and cunning to make your escape from Minecraft's fiery Nether dimension. Put on your boots, grab your swords, and race to the Nether portal, and to safety!

 • Cross the lava-filled landscape before it's too late.

 • Find useful equipment and mine valuable blocks before the native piglins snatch them up.

 • Face endless hordes of fiery mobs and defeat fearsome bosses!

Only with good teamwork and the righty strategy will you be able to escape from the Nether and win the game. With a multitude of mobs, landscapes, and equipment, every game is different, and it will become more and more challenging with each new adventure.


64 Wooden Blocks
8 Dice
48 Heart Tokens
10 Game Board Tiles
4 Inventory Boards
1 Piglin Board
20 Mobs and Mob Bases
68 Item Tiles
8 Player Skins
4 Player Piece Bases
5 Chest Tokens
1 Spawner Token
1 Block Base
1 Support Structure
Player Aid Boards

Ages: 10+
Players: 1-4
Game Length: 60 minutes

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