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    Includes five Sherman V / Firefly VC plastic spures, one plastic Tank Commander sprue & one British Tank decal sheet.

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    Achtung has been carefully designed for someone who has never heard of Flames of War before, or has seen the 256 page rulebook and not known where to start. Achtung is not a simplified set of the ... read more

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    Includes one Company HQ with two Cromwell IV, two Cromwell Platoons with three Cromwell IV & one Challenger A30, one Anti-tank Platoon with for M10C 17pdr SP, one Reconnaissance Platoon with ... read more

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    Named after 'The Old Gang', the TOG 2 Heavy Tank was designed by the same team who developed the diamond shaped heavy tanks of WWI. Weighing in at 81 Tonne's this monster as intended to break the b... read more

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    With rumors of a new German Heavy tank abunding the British General Staff ordered the development of a Cruiser tank mounting a larger-calibre high velocity gun specifically designed to engage heavy... read more

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    British Rifle Company with Company HQ, 2 Sniper teams, CSM Stan Hollis Warrior team and 3 Rifle Platoons.

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    Contains 4 Sherman V and a Firefly VC, decal sheet and 5 sprues of Applique Armour.

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